Q: Do I have to pay anything to use this website?

A: There are no fee to use this website. Our website makes money by running ads so please take the time to click on an ad now and again.

Q: How do I check my stats on Instagram?

A: Simply type your username in the box with the magnifying glass above. As an alternative you can simply replace USWERNAME in the following URL with your username:


Q: Can I get rid of the ads?

A: Yes, you may create an account and pay a small fee to remove advertisements.

Q: Is this site associated with Instagram?

A: No, we simply provide statistics for Instagram accounts.

Q: Can I run an ad on here?

A: Yes, use our contact page to request more info.

Q: Do you offer any promotional services to help me build my Instagram account?

A: We do not, we do however recomend BuyLikes.net to help you build your Instagram account.